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To the Make Things Accessible website, a repository for guidance material and useful resources for organisations looking to improve their digital accessibility.

This project is a shared effort between a number of London-based universities looking to pool our efforts and knowledge on delivering accessible experiences for students and staff.

The guidance material found on this website is aimed to help you complete accessibility related tasks whether that be better understanding of accessibility regulations, including accessibility requirements into procurement, conducting basic accessibility checks, and many other topics.

Our guidance material is sorted into a number of ‘tags’ which can help you filter for relevant information. You can browse all material in the guidance section or filter for specific topics by selecting relevant ‘tags’.

If you can’t find what you are looking for and get stuck, we have helpful FAQs and Glossary pages which may offer assistance. If there are topics that we have not yet added but you think we should, something we have gotten wrong, or you want to contact us for any other reason please reach out.

Latest guides

Our latest 3 digital accessibility guides are displayed in this section, this will be updated each time we produce a new guide, alternatively, you can view all guides by selecting "Guides" in the main navigation or the footer area.

Draft Minimum Viable Product Accessibility Checklist

This guide walks you through Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) testing to a minimum viable product MVP standard for users that have not completed much testing before. This guide covers what we feel are some of the most impactful criteria to check under WCAG but is by no means an exhaustive audit and must be followed up with in depth WCAG check.

    Matt Pateman

    Plain English Tip Sheet

    Writing in plain English helps your readers understand your message the first time  they read it and makes it clear what action they need to take. These 10 steps will  help!

    Ben Watson

    Accessible Document Basics

    Accessible digital content is fundamental to good communications. Inclusive, user-centred design is fundamental. The content you add and how you format it can make a huge difference to accessibility. Following this checklist will help you to create accessible, user-centred documents.

    Ben Watson