These student stories were produced as part of the "Access and Assistance for All" campaign by the British Youth Council, which aims to increase awareness and access to assistive technology within further education. See the main Access and Assistance for All student stories page to learn more about our campaign.


Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I'm Ellie, I currently work full time in education and study at college one day a week. I love the outdoors and canoeing, climbing and hiking are my favourite things to do.

What barriers have you have had to overcome?

I have dyslexia. I was lucky and was screened for dyslexia when I was 9 years old. However I wasn't told until I was 18! I didn't receive the help I needed right away and struggled with attending class and focusing. I always knew I was different so I struggled in education.

How did you first learn about assistive technology?

I have always preferred using technology instead of writing, so once I was able to start college and submit my assignments electronically that's when my interest in how assistive technology can help me started. I used an overlay when reading things on paper, However regularly the teacher would forget or supply teachers wouldn't be told resources needed to be modified. After a little research I found that if the document was accessible by design I could go into google docs and put an overlay on myself or have text to speech! This gave me the independence to be able to take ownership of my learning. In my first year of college I was considering dropping out but with the the help of assisted technology I passed all 3 BTECS with D*D*D*.

What difference has assisted technology given you?

Assisted technology has given me hope for the future. I now believe that whatever I put my mind to I can achieve

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