These student stories were produced as part of the "Access and Assistance for All" campaign by the British Youth Council, which aims to increase awareness and access to assistive technology within further education. See the main Access and Assistance for All student stories page to learn more about our campaign.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I am a first year undergraduate student at University College London (UCL) studying Social Sciences and Data Science. I’ve always been fascinated about how technology can directly improve the quality of human lives, and improve the efficiency of processes in vital, humanistic fields.

Have you used any assistive technology and faced barriers?

Although I have not used assistive technology first-hand, I understand that assistive technology plays a crucial role in improving accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with difficulties. While I may not have direct experience with it, I recognise the several barriers faced by individuals who have used assistive technology and I recognise the importance of empowering and enabling them to overcome various challenges.

Why have you joined AAA?

I completely align with the campaign’s goals to promote inclusivity in the classroom and outside, through assistive technologies which aim to help level the playing field across all students.

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