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Microsoft Office has a tool to check for accessibility in Word and PowerPoint called Accessibility Checker, and LibreOffice has a tool to check for accessibility in Writer called Accessibility Check.

There are slight differences in what the tools check for, but they need to be used when producing accessible documents, especially if the documents are to be the basis for creating PDFs from Word, PowerPoint, or Writer.

Differences between Accessibility Checker and Accessibility Check
What needs fixingWord Accessibility CheckerPowerPoint Accessibility CheckerWriter Accessibility Check
Document title is setNoNoYes
Document Language is setNoNoYes
Missing alt-text on images, graphics, and OLE objectsYesYesYes
Low contrast colours between text and backgroundYesYesYes
Split cells, merged cells, nested tables (simple structure for tables)YesYesYes
Blank table rows or columnsVisuallyVisuallyYes
Tables have column header informationYesYesYes
Fake or manual numberingNoNoYes
All sections have meaningful namesNoYesNo
All slides have titlesNoYesNo
Section names are uniqueNoYesNo
Slide titles are uniqueNoYesNo
Use of styles and built-in headingsThis is confusing because the Rules say that “Content is organized with headings and/or a Table of Contents (TOC)” and will display a Tip but the make your Word documents accessible says this has to be done visuallyNoYes
Heading order incrementally increases with no skippingNoNoYes
Meaningful hyperlink textVisuallyVisuallyYes – when URLs are used rather than text
Meaningful ScreenTipsVisuallyVisuallyWriter does not do ScreenTips
Does text BlinkNoNoYes
Text conveys additional meaning because of direct formattingNoNoYes
Important information in Header or FooterVisuallyVisuallyVisually
Footnotes and EndnotesNoNoYes
Image or object is inline with textYesNoNo
Document access is restrictedYes (could not replicate)Yes (could not replicate)No
All content control fields have titleYesNoNo
Layout tables are structured for easy navigationYes (could not replicate)NoNo
Closed captions are included for inserted audio and videoNoYesNo
Reading order of the objects on a slide presentation is logicalNoYesNo
Suggested alternative textManually check – Intelligent ServicesManually check – Intelligent ServicesWriter does not have “Intelligent Services”

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